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A few questions [14 Jul 2009|10:52pm]

I'm a latina with skin that tans very easily and rarely burns. For the last few days, I have been laying out and trying to get my face and neck as tanned as the rest of my body, but it doesn't seem to be working... so here are a few questions

1. I got microdermabrasion a couple years ago. I only had about 6 sessions, but still. I've heard this can affect your ability to tan. Does anyone know if this is true?

2. I just bought a large container of jojoba oil. I've been using it on my face as a tanning oil. Is this a good idea or should I not use it at all?

3. I recently bought an alpha hydroxy acid moisturizer. I know alpha hydroxy acid makes your skin extremely sensitive to the sun to the point where you can't tan without burning and flaking. I want to use the moisturizer regularly, but at the same time, I don't want my face to get deathly pale like it always does when I don't get any sun. Does anyone else use alpha hydroxy and still tan? I think I might have to choose between the moisturizer and being able to tan without having to use self-tanner.

Sorry for all the questions, I just joined and I'm happy I found this community.
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Tanning Newbie [04 Mar 2008|07:24pm]

Right.  So I don't want to be pale any more during the summer.  So I want to start tanning.  But I've never done it before lol... tips?
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new lotion and gloss? [28 Jun 2007|02:11pm]

So I bought a new lotion today.

Name- Bloom
Brand- Designer Skin, boutique collection
Type- THA free natural bronzer
Like or Dislike, why?- I like this a lot, it's not runny and it will NOT stain since it only uses natural bronzers. My Hysteria was SO runny and it stained my bra and when I saw this I thought it would be a great one to try. I've been wanting something more summery too. The scent is a strong flowery scent but once you tan it lightens and leaves a nice light perfume scent. I was also immediately bronze, the girl told me I wouldn't be since it doesn't have THA but it really gave me a nice glow :)
Overall I like this a lot, it retails for $50 I got it half price today for $25 :)
Finally, any good lipgloss reccomendations? my lips have been so dry, I bought an SPF gloss from the drugstore but its not so hot obviously, so a good gloss to put on before I tan? :)
Thanks ladies! Happy tanning!
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spray tans are fun! [04 Jun 2007|12:56am]

I wanted to ask about your experience and for ideas and suggestions.
I really love getting the spray tan (I use the california tan tanning system) just to LOOK tan. This week I had one with my package I hadn't used yet and it was going to expire so I used it saturday. It looks great! I did the "cocktail" of doing 12 minutes in a high pressure bed and then the spray immediately afterward, that worked pretty well! I think my color is a lot more natural and pretty this time. I definitely reccomend giving it a try ladies.
My questions are these:
-Can I go swimming? Some say that it'll "bleach" your spray tan and not to even consider it. What if I'm using a lotion with a self tanner as well (olay touch of sun overnight) will it bleach that as well??
-Can I take a bath? The website I found said don't take a bath or shower immediately after. Does that mean it's ok to take a bath later? I've been craving a bubble bath so I was just wondering.
Thanks ladies! keep those lotion reccomendations coming! I'm running low on mine and trying to decide which to get next! :)
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[28 May 2007|02:57pm]

I have a spot on the bridge of my nose that is lighter then the rest of my face because of my tanning goggles. If I take them off the last 3 minutes and keep my eyes close would I still be in danger of getting eye damage? If so, is there anything random that I could put over my eyes to protect them?
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The Cocktail?? [24 May 2007|12:56am]

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Has anyone seen previews for the new show on I think it's E! (It might be bravo?)...It's about a tanning salon. Anyway, the guy says something about a spray tan and then doing a standup unit for best results. Has anyone done this? What order do you do it in? Did you wait in between or go immediately from one to the other? Did you do less time in the standup? (I ask because generally the standup makes me feel warmer and I'm afraid I would sweat).
Any tips would be awesome.
question #2.. any reccomendations for a good outdoor lotion? mine are indoor/outdoor but are a little pricey to just use by the pool. they can be indoor/outdoor but I would like to keep it under $20-25 :)
Thanks you guys!

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new here :) [22 May 2007|12:43am]

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Name: Mary
How long you've been tanning: since I was about 17 years old.
How often you tan: all year long, 2-3 times a week. due to a skin condition called psoriasis. If you watch america's next top model you'll remember that Caridee has it. Its not contagious, it's an immune disease that creates these little spots on your skin. Any kind of light therapy helps these go away, so I tan regularly.
Favorite Lotion: My favorite so far is Bronze Bling, though I also really like the Fiji brand
Indoors or Outdoors: Mostly indoors, though I will tan outside if I'm at the pool.
Laydown or Standup: Both..I like laydown the best but sometimes at my salon you get in faster if you do a standup :P
And as far as lotions I've tried recently:

Name- Hysteria
Brand- California Tan
Type- Level two lotion with bronzers, tan extenders
Like or Dislike, why?- I really loved this in the winter because it smells very sweet and vanilla and cinnamony. I like it a lot in terms of bronzer as well.

Name- X power bronzer
Brand- California Tan
Type- Level 2
like or Dislike, why?- I like this one a lot because it doesn't have a scent and keeps you from smelly sweaty or icky afterward (I think we're all familiar with the tanning smell) For some reason though sometimes I burn when I use this lotion, so I alternate between them.

finally, anyone have suggestions of where to buy lotion cheap online? I've gone through amazon but curious to see what others have found :)
Thanks guys!

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[10 May 2007|01:49pm]

If you've used Designer Skin, what has been your favorite product(s) and why?

Plus has anyone ordered from lotiondeals.com? Are they legit?
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Drink Tea. [07 May 2007|08:57am]

I found this article to be interesting, and since tanning and skin cancer are connected I thought I would share.

Tea drinkers may have lower skin cancer risk

Read more...Collapse )
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Tanning Lotion Pros & Cons [03 May 2007|12:21pm]

I'm debating whether or not I want to even bother buying tanning lotion. Does using it make that much of a difference, and how do you get it on your back?
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